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Lexie Gay Design is a quiet little company specializing in photography, branding, graphics, and website design services. For the other creative outlets, we've incorporated our Etsy shop. You can also find us on Facebook & Pinterest.

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New things coming in the Etsy shop and the website on March 01!

The French Pearl Boutique
08 April 2015 | comments [0]

I've been busy with a few projects around the house, making lovely baubles for my Etsy shop, working on a few websites, and most recently, finishing up a branding project for a friend of mine! Say hello to The French Pearl Boutique!... [continue reading]

The District 5
20 March 2015 | comments [0]

While normally I wouldn't post about something as menial as a sandwich, let me just be very honest here and tell you that the District 5 from Switchback Smokehouse made me change my mind. I've eaten good sandwiches in my life, but never one so noteworthy. As a matter of fact, after I had my first bite... [continue reading]

17 February 2015 | comments [0]

Let me preface this by saying I am not Catholic. I was raised with a Catholic influence, but I am not Catholic. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't certain aspects of the Catholic faith that I don't admire. While Lent is the pre-Easter season for Christians, I think Lent has a more special meaning for Catholics. My understanding is that starting on Ash Wednesday... [continue reading]

One Fine Day Mercantile
04 February 2015 | comments [0]

January was a little busier than I planned, especially with on-again off-again sick munchkins. Being a mom is HARD WORK!! However, in the few precious hours I got to myself, not only did I begin to indulge in a much anticipated new book, but I also go to work on a website called One Fine Day Mercantile... [continue reading]

Word of the Year: Give
01 January 2015 | comments [0]

I've read a great many things over the course of 2014, and nothing sets my heart on fire more than being able to help others that are truly in need. I don't know how to explain it other than it's the most incredible and indescribable feeling you get inside when you can bless others the way God intended you to.

So instead of hopelessly instituting New Year... [continue reading]